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Why are limousines so seductive?

It’s no secret at all, limousines are just flat out seductive. They have the ability to catch your eye as soon you as see them. There is something about them that just captivates your attention. Probably the ever so apparent luxury they showcase.

When a limousine rolls by, it is almost impossible to hide your interest. You may make it known by a simple head turn or maybe your mouth will drop wide open (don’t let any bugs in).

I can’t explain it, and I don’t think anyone can. Limousines are just seductive. You can’t help it and I understand, trust me. I’ve been just minding my own business up until a stretched out hummer limousine passes by. I can’t help but stare until it’s long gone. Maybe it’s just the fact that they look so incredible.

limo 4


Or maybe it’s the fancy rims or impressive paint jobs. I’m not really sure. But I do know that it feels amazing to be inside one of these seducing beauties. Last year for my birthday party, I decided I would get inside of a limousine and needless to say, the interior is just as intriguing as the exterior. Loaded with everything you could possible imagine, you will surely be trapped inside by its amazing-ness. When my fantastic night came to an end,  I wanted nothing more than to take the limousine home with me. I wanted to park it in my driveway so that I could see it every single day when I woke up. Maybe one day.

There are a lot of unexplained things in this world and limousines are right up there next to aliens. One day I would like to purchase my own limousine to further examine what might cause them to be so seducing.

There is no better way to travel than in a luxurious limousine. It will get you from point A to point B while drawing all the attention to you and your posse.

All I know is I plan on using limousine service again in the future and I was blown away by Nova Limos excellent service. So if there is anything you should take away from my rant, it’s that you should use a limousine service at least once. It’s life changing.